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Home Led lighting

High quality lighting, high quality life. The key for home lighting is intrinsic scientific and extrinsic artistic. SKYLIGHT home LED Lighting provides the excellent solutions for each room.

Living Room

which is an important place for family gathering, entertainment and parlor, so the main tone of lighting design should be bright, beautiful and practical. For this we can use LED Panel lights with LED Downlights. Vice tone we can use some low lumens LED bulbs.

  LED Lighting for living home


as we like to feel gentle, relaxed, silent and romantic. Some place we need bright light for reading and dressing, and other place we may need faint light for relaxed. So we should use mixture of spot lights and gentle LED bulbs.

  LED lighting for bedroom




 Home office

which is the place for our extra job, we should use spot lights to drive our attention into a space, and the light must be bright, at least 400 lumens.

  LED lighting for home office




Dining room

which we have dinner with our family, the right light as panel light, downlightscan highlight the color of food, enhance our appetite and promote communication of family members.

  LED lighting for dining room





we would like to emphasis the lights must be bright, simple, and safe. And for kitchen room we choose the lights should be gentle, waterproof and bright. So we should buy waterproof and fog-proof LED lights.

  LED lighting for kitchen room