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Commercial Led Lighting

Nowadays, more and more people value their customer experience, a good environment for consumption not only attract more customers but also drive their desire to buy. And commercial lighting is the important part of it. The features of commercial lighting are visualize, attractive, fashionable and soft. For example, clothing specialty stores would like to use brighter light to extrude some products, it’s the main different from general stores.


To specialist shop as example, the commercial lighting can be divided into the following four parts:

(1) Entrance Lighing

LED lighting for shop


The entrance to the store will showcase the first impression to the customer, in addition to passing the store brand features, but also requires the product to stand out from the surrounding environment.


 (2)  Shop Window Lighting

LED lighting for shop windows

For show window, to obtain good results, it is necessary to control the irradiation direction of the light beam. Different directions will lead to different effects. Usually set key light and supplement light at the two top corner of the window, while there will be light coming from the back direction, which is separated from background can highlight the object.


In addition, the light irradiated upward from the bottom surface of the object can be highlighted to create a dramatic effect. Also the entire show window needs to have a background light for background. By this concentrated light utilization, the window can be very effective prominent commodities play a very good show results.


 (3)General Lighting and Accent Lighting

LED lighting for shop accent lighting


In general furnishings give general lighting, while sell booths or other promotion goods give emphasis "portrait", this is the general lighting combined with accent lighting. In many cases, general lighting deliberately "keeps a low profile", so that accent lighting can delivery a strong visual impact. 

 And then lead customers to focus on promotion products and buy them. Accent lighting requires both planning of commodities and stores. It will be much more effective when accent lighting is used for high-quality products.