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Industrial Led Lighting

Due to the huge changes in the operating room, industrial lighting is much more complicated. And for different industries, the requirements of lighting are also different. Like mining, oil industries, safety is the main requirement, so ex-proof lights are must. Like apparel production and other general factories, they need to take the impact of employee’s productivity into first consideration.

Overall, companies need to assess not only the cost of lighting, but also to ensure the reasonableness and scientific of their lighting system. Therefore, choose the right and excellent solutions to local conditions and the high-quality LED lights is the way to industrial LED Lighting.

Gas Station Lighting

Stations must use explosion-proof lighting, rather than ordinary lamps. Safety is the most important on gas station lighting, and then suitable bright, high-efficiency.

Compared with the LED illumination, there are several disadvantages of traditional lighting:

LED lighting for gas station  

1. Poor light efficiency. Less high-efficiency light source, low light efficiency;

2. Short life. Power source through low, short life, require frequent replacement;

3. Poor visual effects. Glare is too strong, uncomfortable, is not conducive to the drivers and staff jobs


Metro Lighting

Because of its underground working space, Metro Lighting is different from other industrial lighting. Not only to take into account its complex spatial composition and physical environment, but also consider its enclosed space, which is easy to feel oppressive. So the subway lighting is the unity of technology and art. And LED lighting for metro provides a novel structure, long life, good energy-saving effect, high reliability lighting solutions.

LED lighting for metro  

There are two modes on subway lighting, one is waiting mode, one is riding mode, details showed as follow:

Concourse level: the transition zone, with space-oriented, requiring a crisp, comfortable

Platform layer: place car, requiring noise, quiet, dimmable system 


Warehouse Lighting

Depending on the height of the warehouse building, 5 meters as a height scale, the installation status of LED lamps can be divided into three parts: low ceiling, ceiling and high ceiling.

LED lighting for warehouse  

To meet the requirements of night working, and to avoid visual fatigue, even to save energy, choose the right and high-efficient LED lights is needed.

SKYLIGHT LED high bay light series with a scale 80W to 400W, can meet the lighting requirements of various types of warehouse operations.